Led by choreographer Roya Carreras, Roya Carreras + Artists (RC+A) is a NYC project-based company that desires to occupy the space that connects contemporary dance, film, and theater. The works of RC+A create a movement language that derives from emotional and conceptual impulses; improvisation, and narrative-based tasks that become generative devices to further detail each work created. Currently, RC+A is creating an evening length work entitled The Big Balloon. It is a study on strength, absurdity, and will power; the three phases and faces of romanticism. RC+A looks to create work that is relevant and thought provoking, to submerge the audiences into stimulating and conceptual narratives, in order to arouse the imagination and create a place of relativity.

The Big Balloon (2017)

Women Who Chew Gum (2014)

"...a playful yet intriguing piece that literally featured women chewing long rolls of gum." - Jessica Abejar, Broadway World 

A Table (2013)

"Strong and moving..." - Phillip Gardner, Oberon's Grove